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[ profile] stargate_summer Art Post: A Loose Bolt in a Complete Machine

  • Jun. 22nd, 2009 at 10:18 AM
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Story title: A Loose Bolt in a Complete Machine [sequel to The Advantages of Mind Reading]
Author name: [ profile] theemdash
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Summary: SG-1 returns to Tekhne, a planet they visited a year before (shortly before Daniel Ascended). They return at the request of Gerard, a man who is seeking asylum on Earth for himself and his brother. Once SG-1 arrives on Tekhne, they find that they're going to have to break Gerard's brother Jacob out of a political prison. Things go south when the revolutionaries choose this ill-timed moment to attack the capitol, and SG-1 is pinned down in the middle of it. The revolutionaries capture Daniel and Jack's priorities shift from rescuing Gerard's brother to rescuing Daniel. . . .

It's a story about firefights, Ascension, figuring out your place after a long absence, and of course, being able to IM someone's brain.

Art Notes: NSFW content! I love Jack/Daniel so much. Like, when I first got into SG-1 I am pretty sure I read every single Jack/Daniel story out there, so when I saw the [ profile] stargate_summer challenge come up I jumped at the chance to take part in anything that could earn me more Jack/Daniel. And this story is so fun! Exactly the kind of long plotty adventure fic I love the Stargate fandoms for.

A Loose Bolt in a Complete Machine cover art

Maps in Jack's Head:
Maps in Jacks Head

Daniel and Jack in Bed:
Daniel and Jack in bed