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  • Feb. 20th, 2005 at 1:07 PM
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oh fuck the internets amuse me so. Paris Hilton's supposed tmobile phonebook got hacked last night. The good folks over at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt have been joyously phoning celebrities right and left. I cannot tell you how amused I am by this. My conscience is like, nowhere to be found today evidently, although I do feel bad for the like, three people in her phonebook that I actually like. [ profile] beizy put it best, this is horribly amusing in a trainwreck sort of way.

In other news my website is down and I want it back dammit. There was some sort of problem with the Data Center and it makes me very antsy to not have the access.

I saw Constantine on Friday and fucking loved it. Say what you will about Keanu (and believe me I have) but this was a good part for him. I loved the comic book-y atmosphere of the movie, the way they purposefully framed shots and used special effects was all of the good in my book. Also, I'm a complete sucker for religious themed books/movies/whatever, anything with a good mythology will steal my heart in a matter of seconds and Hellblazer is nothing but mythology and religion and awesomeness. So yeah, pay no attention to the reviews written by people with absolutely no love for comics and go see the movie because I say so. Also I forgot to mention earlier but it was a pleasant surprise to see Gavin Rossadale (of Bush playing Balthazar. I had no clue he was acting, he's v. v. pretty)

[ profile] svmadelyn hooked me up with the Veronic Mars pilot, it seems like half my flist loves the show so I'm sure I'll get suckered into it as well.

I really need to do my homework now.


  • May. 5th, 2004 at 5:39 PM
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I just walked into my bathroom and found a dead bug in my toilet. Apparently they're doing my work for me now. This is a good step forward for them I think. If only the spiders would commit suicide so considerately.

Mar. 21st, 2004

  • 10:40 AM
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God it's early. It's only 10:45 and I've been up for almost an hour now. The upside to this is that a ticket has been purchased for JC's show at the Fillmore.

The downside is that I don't have anywhere to be until 2:00, and the computer I'm on sucks so much ass that I can't stand to use it. I'm thinking about making some pancakes. What I really want is a bagel though, but I'm far too lazy to go all the way to the store for one.

I won't get my real computer back for a week probably, so I won't know until then whether I've lost all my files, but if I have I will definitely take you kindly people up on your offers of mp3 cd's.

Reading this entry back, does my lack of transitional statements piss anyone else off? I've never liked using them because the thoughts always connect in my head and it's always felt like a waste of time.

I went to the antiwar demo in San Francisco yesterday, which was cool, but also pathetic in a lot of ways. Specifically becasue there were only 50,000 people there, max, and NY beat us. But people are burnt out and apathetic and well, we found Sadaam right? Doesn't that mean we won?

This cold I have has made my left ear all blocked up and it's really freaking me out since I'm completely deaf in my right ear. I panic when I put earplugs in too, because I just start imagining my future as a deaf person. I really need to learn sign language though, because if my hearing does start going in my left ear I'd be fucked. I want to learn how to lip read as well, I think that would be awesome.

Yeah, enough randomness, I'm off to make pancakes.