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OMG. Jared and Jensen own the fuck out of me. They were interviewed on the WB for the upfronts this morning and they talk about basketball rivalries and Jensen's inability to wake up in the morning and getting hit on at the bar last night by a girl and her "hot friend" who they talked to on the phone and just. omg. They are so adorable I think if I ever saw them in person it would break me.

[ J2 interview 5-19-06 ] -- wmv, 9.4mb
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OMG if you haven't seen Stephen Colbert's speech from the White House correspondents' dinner the other night (last night?) you really, really must. He's so fantastic. And incredibly ballsy to call Bush on so many things while he was sitting right next to him.

[ Stephen Colbert - White House Correspondents' Dinner ] -- wmv, 58mb

ps this post is unlocked, feel free to point other people to it :D

white belts: the hipster mix cd

  • Apr. 4th, 2006 at 12:47 AM
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white belts: songs for the indie rock lifestyle cover

more art and the download link )

This is my last mix (I think.) The title comes from the oft mocked indie rock/hipster fashion trend of wearing white belts with dark jeans and having an ultra-cool haircut to go along with it. I'm kind of a hipster, but not to the point where I can't mock the hell out of everyone else who rocks the trends along with me.

About the songs: Sunday night is hipster night at a club I go to. It was organized by a couple of my friends and we all pitch in DJing each week. If I were going to dj, these are the bands I would play. All quality dancing songs with a pretty good mix of classic and more cutting edge songs. And it's a longer than my other mixes, clocking in at just about 2 hours even because I couldn't pare it down any further and, uh, it's a more authentic dj set this way because we do 2 hour sets.

mix cds are addicting

  • Apr. 3rd, 2006 at 6:44 PM
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[ The Getaway Mix - songs to rob a bank by ] -- zip file, 90mb

The title kind of speaks for itself but this is basically all of the songs I would want playing in the getaway car after I robbed a bank. Amped up power chords and fast beats with with some extra irony thrown in.

next up whenever I get the artwork done: white belts: songs for the indie rock lifestyle

Combat Baby: a mix cd

  • Apr. 3rd, 2006 at 12:05 AM
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Oh man I have a bazillion new Transmetropolitan icons and I am so utterly pleased with them. Transmet is one of my absolute favorite comic books ([ profile] megolas if you haven't read them you must) Spider Jerusalem is my hero.

Unrelatedly, but still squee-worthy, [ profile] isilya posted asking for mix cds and I was totally inspired. I've been meaning to make a mix of all of my favorite all-girl or girl-fronted bands for a while now and this was the perfect impetus. I even made cover art! It took me half the day!

Check it out, yo: )

Hey! a music post!

  • Feb. 10th, 2006 at 3:06 AM
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We've been having a streak of gorgeous weather out here, like, honest to god perfect days of mid 70's (that's the low 20's to all you right-thinking non-americans) temperatures with good breezes and lots of blue sky. It's been quite refreshing considering that we only had about 3 days without rain for the second half of December and the first 2/3 of January.

With school starting again and the seasonal shift I've been listening to my ipod more and have been downloading new music which I thought I'd share:

some random soul/r&b type stuff )

I've also been seeking out new indie bands, two of my newfound favorites being The New Pornographers and Kubb (who [ profile] hackthis pimped earlier today).

Artist: The New Pornographers
What they Sound Like: they're a little indie rock and a lot pop, they're very upbeat. I believe the group is a mix of solo musicians including Neko Case, they're all pretty talented. They're definitely fun and don't seem to take themselves too seriously.
Sample song: Twin Cinema
Album: Twin Cinema -- zip, 67mb

Artist: Kubb
What they Sound Like: [ profile] hackthis said this about them: Apparently, Gary from Snow Patrol and Guy from Elbow have had a baby, and they've named him Harry. Harry has a band called Kubb, which, apparently, is setting things on fire at the HMVs in the UK
Sample song: Wicked Soul
Album: Mother -- zip, 58mb

Lastly, some hip-hop because I've been vaguely meaning to post about this. I love hip-hop, you know the kind, the kind with good smart lyrics that mean something and don't offend my incredibly low tolerance for sexist, homophobic, obnoxiousness. Kanye West is pretty solidly in my 'good' column; I respect him as a person and I admire that he's been standing up for what he believes. I also think he's a pretty entertaining guy. He's been getting a ton of publicity this year (speaking out against homophobia, Bush, and dressing up like Jesus will do that for you.) Kanye performed Gold Digger with Jamie Foxx on the Grammies last night (or was it two nights ago?) I've got a sort of mid to low quality version of the performance up if anyone wants to see it:

[ Kanye West and Jamie Foxx - Gold Digger - 2006 Grammies ] -- mpeg, 20mb

I can't help but see the parallels between him and one of my favorite rappers: Nas. (Nas got crucified along with Puff Daddy in a video a few years ago and there was a huge scandal then too.) Nas is from Brooklyn, and he raps about Queensbridge, he's also married to Kelis (of My Milkshake fame) He's also smart and principled; he raps about black history and growing up in New York and hip-hop history and politics and I love him a lot. Here are some of my favorite songs of his:

[ Nas - Rule ] 'Cause, everybody wants a shot, in this land of opportunity/Look at what this country's got/There shouldn't be nobody homeless/How can the president fix other problems when he ain't fixed home yet/The earth wasn't made for one man to rule alone
[ Nas - Get Down ]
[ Nas - I Can ] If the truth is told, the youth can grow/Then learn to survive until they gain control/Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes/Read more learn more, change the globe
[ Nas - Revolutionary Warfare ]
[ Nas - American Way ] Talkin 'bout Rap the Vote, you ain't thought about/The black vote mean nothin, who you gonna elect/Satan or Satan? In the hood nothin is changin, uh/We ain't got no choices who to choose
[ Nas - These Are Our Heros ]
[ Nas - One Mic ]

eta: !!! I almost forgot! All you popslashers: I'm really hoping one of you has the NSYNC Atlantis concert and could upload it for me. I love, love, love my mp3 of the Tim McGraw Stand By Me/Fire and Rain/Lean On Me medley [ mp3 ] and I would kill to actually see them sing it on video. Anyone able to help? found! and posted in the next entry thank you [ profile] digital_diva!


  • Jan. 6th, 2006 at 11:02 AM
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So with the newly increased bandwidth (and oh man do I ever feel like doing my evil overlord impression now *muahahahaa I own the internet*) I'll probably be uploading a lot more files to share. I still want to be able to lock those posts though so consider this your space to comment to be added to my uploads filter. Please note: if you're not on my friendlist and you're interested in being on the filter drop a comment and I'll probably add you.