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OMG if you haven't seen Stephen Colbert's speech from the White House correspondents' dinner the other night (last night?) you really, really must. He's so fantastic. And incredibly ballsy to call Bush on so many things while he was sitting right next to him.

[ Stephen Colbert - White House Correspondents' Dinner ] -- wmv, 58mb

ps this post is unlocked, feel free to point other people to it :D
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I saw Serenity on opening night. It was my third time since I was lucky enough to see it in previews twice. I posted about it when I first saw it because there was no way not to, but I figure maybe I should link to it now since so many of you have been able to see it and might have avoided reading about it when I first posted. SPOILERS, dude.

I can't remember who posted this, but someone on my flist put up the Sci Fi Channel's Making of Serenity special. I have it up for download if anyone's interested (please right click and save-as, feel free to link to this post not the file)
[ Making of Serenity - Sci Fi Channel ] -- avi, 202mb
I keep forgetting to post about this but I met Neil Gaiman on the 28th of September. He was doing a book signing at a place called Books Passage and he was so lovely and gracious. He signed everyone's books, no matter how many they had for him and I was near the end of the line but he didn't seem unhappy or tired or anything. I on the other hand was completely flustered. I'm not sure how I got through saying hello to the man, let alone talking about how much I adore him. One of my friends works at the store and had hooked me up with an advanced readers copy which I had Neil sign. I swear to god I want to wrap the think in plastic and put it in a safety deposit box now. It's actually a numbered galley (324 of 450) AND signed. Very rare indeed. Some authors won't sign galleys at all because of the ebay potential, but I asked for it to be personalised and he didn't seem to mind. Can I just say that I love him? Because I do. A lot.

Michael Chabon was at the signing leading the discussion, he got out pretty quick when it broke up for the book signing or else I probably would have had the chance to embarrass myself in front of not one but two of my favorite authors that night. If Kurt Vonnegut and Johnathan Lethem had been there I probably would have suffered some sort of brain explosion. Can I please marry a brilliant author now?

Lastly, a plea for help from an email from my sister:
Do you know a good fan site for Lost where there are intelligent people?
I've pretty much avoided the Lost websites myself, but I'm hoping you all are more knowledgeable. Anyone have any recommendations?

more eyes! and more viggo!

  • Sep. 29th, 2005 at 4:46 PM
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Veronica Mars last night slayed me! God that show is good. It's so nice to watch a show and just be happy with it, no exceptions, no doubts.

And speaking of tv shows I'm loving, how about Kitchen Confidential? Will Tippen! And Xander! And a hot british guy (who has evidently been trained at both RADA and Oxford)! All on tv together every week! I only wish it was an hour show and not a half hour. Plus, there's already fic. You should all go check out [ profile] greg_the_fish for stories by the always fabulous [ profile] hackthis, [ profile] nifra_idril, and [ profile] rageprufrock.

For [ profile] crownzeal (and everyone else interested, of course):
[ The Daily Show - Viggo Mortensen - 9.27.05 ] -- avi, 161mb
Can I just say that I love New Zealand? Some wonderful tv station over there has been airing the unaired episodes of Eyes. Last week we got 1x06 and 1x07 hit torrents yesterday, so here's that as well.
[ Eyes - 1x07 ] -- avi, 350mb
Someone bought me 2 months of paid time and lj didn't send me an email so I have no idea who it was or even if you said who it was, but thank you! I really appreciate the gift.
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House 2x03 is downloading right now. I'm reading CSI fanfiction, of all things. And I fell over while going up some stairs a little bit ago. So basically, all is right with the world at this point.

Also, Viggo was on Letterman the other night and he tells these two really awesome stories, one about David Cronenberg (director of A History of Violence) and one about growing up in Argentina and going duck hunting at the tender age of 3. Viggo is, so my favorite. I edited the file down to Viggo's interview if any of you are interested in downloading it.
[ Viggo Mortensen - Letterman - 09-23-05 ] -- mpg, 88mb
Also, here's Elijah's appearance on Conan O'Brien's show from the other week:
[ Elijah Wood - Conan O'Brien - Part 1 ] -- mpg, 65mb
[ Elijah Wood - Conan O'Brien - Part 2 ] -- mpg, 45mb
And speaking of Elijah, I was riding my bike to school the other day and there was Elijah all trussed up in duct tape on the side of a bus. It was a very squeeful moment before a pretty boring class.

Lastly, and this one is mostly for [ profile] hackthis' benefit (with thanks to [ profile] zsuness for the clip) here's a short clip of Ryan Gosling and Rachel MacAdams accepting a Teen Choice Award earlier this year:
[ Ryan Gosling - Teen Choice Awards ] -- mpg, 35mb
Also relating to Ryan: the trailer for Stay is out and the movie looks creepy as hell. I seriously hope it spawns some Ryan/Ewan fic at some point, cause that'd be hot, yo.

okay, lastly for real now. My paid account expired the other day and I haven't bothered to re-up yet. Which got me thinking about how the world hasn't ended and livejournal still works at the same speed it did when I was paying for it (as far as I can tell so far) so now I'm thinking maybe I'll just stick with the money saving because I like my layout how it is, I don't post polls much at all, and I think I can probably live without the icons. Yay for saving money!

And speaking of money saving, I switched over to Dreamhost for webhosting and not only are they really responsive, they let their customers give out promo codes with discounts. So if any of you are looking for webhosting they're offering a years hosting with 4.8gb of storage and 120gb of bandwidth per month for $22.50 for the whole year just use the promo code: KILLERSTAR when you checkout, and make sure you've chosen the yearly payment plan. Fucking awesome, no?

life squee, tv shows

  • Sep. 23rd, 2005 at 11:57 AM
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I saw Bloc Party last night at The Warfield the show was awesome. They played really well and their little accents! were so cute! I really miss England. A lot. Can I go back now?

So the show rocked. But I'm incredibly sore from, get this: bowling. I went bowling wednesday night and I'm really honestly sore from it. The upside: I very nearly broke 100 on my last game. I am so going to get better at this bowling thing.

Other things that are of the good: Neil Gaiman is coming to a bookstore my friend works at next week! I am going to meet Neil Gaiman! And make him sign my copy of Marvel 1602! I am so geekily excited!

Tv shows I have been meaning to post and forgetting (please right click and save as, and don't share the links):
[ Prison Break - 1x04 ] -- avi, 350mb
[ Prison Break - 1x05 ] -- avi, 350mb
And, to my gleeful surprise, it looks like the unaired episodes of Eyes might be making it to torrents slowly, I found the 6th episode just the other day so here's that as well:
[ Eyes - 1x06] -- avi, 351mb

playing catch up with media and stuff

  • Sep. 6th, 2005 at 6:12 PM
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First off some music:

Artist: MIA
Album: Arular
Genre: Hip/Hop, with heavy electro, and international leanings
Recommended Song: Hombre
Download: full album

Some things you might want to know about M.I.A.: She was born in Sri Lanka and raised in London. Her dad was a Tamil Freedom fighter and her songs are heavily influenced by both her political background and ethnic identity. She's innovative and her sound is really hard to compare to anyone else's. Um. Lots of hipsters love her. But since I'd probably call myself a hipster if pressed, I don't think that's a bad thing.

Now: some other media:
[ Lance talking about a charity auction for hurrcane relief ] -- mpg, 30mb from [ profile] pacific_gravity
[ The Brokeback Mountain trailer as aired on CNN ] -- wmv, 6.5mb from [ profile] hackthis? I think?

prison break 1x03

  • Sep. 6th, 2005 at 10:53 AM
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So this show is simultaneously dumb and exciting. I'm blaming [ profile] hackthis for my watching it in the first place, and I'm blaming Wentworth Miller for being really hot and keeping me here.

Anyway here's the third episode. I guess a couple people had issues downloading the first two and it's possible that it's some sort of freaky firefox issue. So if you're having a problem downloading, I suggest trying it in (oh man I hate to even say this) Internet Explorer. Either way let me know if it works or not.
[ Prison Break 1x03 ] -- avi, 350mb

I fucking love Kanye West

  • Sep. 3rd, 2005 at 5:05 PM
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So Kanye West appeared on NBC's Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert and went completely off the teleprompter into what was clearly an emotional and impromptu message about the devastatingly slow efforts of the government to get help to New Orleans. I fucking love him. I mean, I liked Kanye before but watching this, watching someone be so brave in standing up and calling this what it is was incredibly powerful. Also, I'd like to note that NBC edited out the last portion of his comments when they aired the show on the west coast. The fuckers. Also of note, some anchors at FOX News think he should have been censored completely. Seriously, go watch. He totally made me cry. (video from the good folks at crooksandliars)
[ Kanye West on NBC ] -- avi, 7.8mb
And now something I'm going to call Reporters Straying from Their Scripts: (videos originally from crooksandliars)

Anderson Cooper, from CNN's Anderson Cooper 360º has been reporting from New Orleans the last few days. In a pretty stunning display of humanism, a lot of the reporters in New Orleans have been getting a lot more personal and a lot more willing to talk about the failures of the government during this crisis. Anderson Cooper interviews Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu and asks her directly, “Does the federal government bear responsibility for what is happening now? Should they apologize for what is happening now?”
[ Anderson Cooper - Sen. Landrieu ] -- wmv, 2.91mb
Anderson Cooper interviewing Trent Lott is even better.
[ Anderson Cooper - Trent Lott ] -- wmv, 7.11mb
CNN's Paula Zahn interviewing FEMA's Director, Mike Brown on Thursday. Paula Zahn: Sir, you're not telling me, you're not telling me you just learned that the folks at the convention center didn't have food and water until today did you? You had no idea they were completely cut off?

FEMA's Brown: Paula, the federal government did not even know about the convention center people until today.
[ Paula Zahn - Mike Brown ] -- wmv, 2.61
Lastly, Ted Koppel interviewing Mike Brown. And dude, Ted Koppel just refuses to let Brown duck the hard questions.
[ Ted Koppel - Mike Brown ] -- mov, 9.07mb
I've gotta say, it's weird to see the mainstream media news anchors straying from the status quo like this. Really disorienting.

There's a very interesting article on this over at Slate that you guys should read.

eta: feel free to link to this post if you want to.

attn: [personal profile] hackthis

  • Jun. 11th, 2005 at 12:38 PM
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Have you seen this?
[ Ryan Gosling accepting Best Kiss at the MTV VMAs ] -- avi, 16mb file made by [ profile] zsuness
I should probably see The Notebook if I can expect more of that.

eta 6-15-05 file removed to save bandwidth.


  • May. 24th, 2005 at 3:17 PM
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See, it all started yesterday with this really hot movie of two emo boys making out that [ profile] megolas and [ profile] bexless linked to. See: their posts. [ yousendit link to the movie ]

And then [ profile] megolas issued a challenge. And then there was fic. Fic in fandoms that I don't even read! So: some OC recs.

Unlucky at Pinochle by [ profile] wearemany. The OC: Seth/Ryan.

untitled by [ profile] ethrosdemon. The OC: Seth/Ryan.