Stargate Atlantis - 216 - The Long Goodbye

  • Jan. 4th, 2006 at 5:32 PM
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Here's the new episode of stargate atlantis in case anyone hasn't gotten it yet:
[ Stargate Atlantis - 216 - The Long Goodbye ] -- avi, 350 mb

Also, for [ profile] iscaris (and anyone else who wants them) here are some older clips of the Ewan and Hayden variety. I've posted them all before so you might have them but feel free to grab any of these if you're interested:
[ Ewan and Hayden kiss - Star Wars Premiere London ] -- wmv, 28mb
[ Hayden on Jay Leno - 05/06/2005 - part 1 ] -- avi, 89mb
[ Hayden on Jay Leno - 05/06/2005 - part 2 ] -- avi, 31.5mb
[ Ewan on Jay Leno - 03/05/2005 - Part 1 ] -- avi, 102mb
[ Ewan on Jay Leno - 03/05/2005 - Part 2 ] -- avi, 37mb
[ Ewan on Leno - 10/19/2004 ] -- wmv, 18mb
[ Ewan on Leno - sometime in 2003? ] -- wmv, 21.6mb
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mmmm cookies

  • Dec. 19th, 2005 at 5:41 PM
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I made over 150 christmas cookies today. All of them spiced spritz cookies (you know the kind that you put in a cookie gun or press or whatever you want to call it.) Next on the list: lemon sugar cookies, plain sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, chocolate covered cherries, regular russian tea cakes, and orange-coconut tea cakes, and unspiced spritz cookies. This is going to be a long week.

My mom was looking through her recipe book and found a recipe she had cut out of the San Francisco chronicle the day I was born. She went into labor around 8 in the morning and waited around the hospital until she could have a cesarean around 1. She's never made the recipe (some variation of gingerbread.) What I'm wondering though is when on earth she had time to you know, read the newspaper and rip out a recipe while she was in labor. wtf. (for the record she doesn't remember either.)

[ profile] ashlle1 was asking about downloading Stargate SG-1 the other day and I ended up uploading the pilot episode and another of my favorite eps from the first season. I've only just started watching SG-1 (damn you SGA and your sinkhole tendencies!) so I have a lot to catch up on. I don't know if any of you guys are thinking about getting into it but you can find some pretty solid torrents of each season in 80mb/episode packets over here. Here are the two episodes I shared with [ profile] ashlle1 in case anyone else wants them:
[ Stargate SG1 - 101 - Children Of The Gods ] -- avi, 156mb - double episode

[ Stargate SG1 - 118 - Tin Man ] -- avi, 80mb
Completely unrelated to the Stargate fandom. The other day I read a Harry/Draco post-Half Blood Prince story called Sweet by [ profile] lydiabennet and it left me craving new Harry Potter stories. Surely there have been some decent length post HBP stories written by now, Harry/Draco or Harry/Snape, any recs?

on having the flu, sga, eyes

  • Oct. 29th, 2005 at 3:07 PM
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I've spent the last week being dreadfully sick. I'm blaming Alaska Airlines because I got sick the day after flying with them on a 4 hours delayed flight back from Portland. At least PDX had free wireless which is more than I can say for Oakland's airport. I think the possibly-a-flu is pretty much gone now, although my nose is still running and I took some sudafed and it dried my sinuses to the point where I got a ten minute long nose-bleed and almost passed out from the blood. I felt like I was channeling Rodney McKay for a while there but I think it's passed now.

JC Chasez and AJ McLean wearing the same shirt makes me smile like nothing else.

Stargate Atlantis has still over taken my brain. It occurs to me that I've been a little remiss in posting some media I've been meaning to share, some of it is SGA related and can I just say that the entire cast is tremendously funny? It seems like they picked a really solid crew for that show and all of them seem funny and happy to be there and I think that has a lot of bearing on the quality of the show. I have a ridiculous crush on both Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett.

So media. From [ profile] charlidos here are some clips from the Season 1 dvd, behind the scenes stuff with the cast, director, and writing staff.
[ Behind the Scenes of SGA - The Writing Staff ] -- mpg, 173mb
[ Mission Directive - Filming The Seige ] -- mpg, 111mb
I'm not sure whether the numbering for the file is off or what but torrentspy went from episode 9 to episode 11 of Eyes and I can't find 10. Here's 11 though :D
[ Eyes 1x11- Burglary ] -- avi, 352mb
Please right click and save as and don't share the links.

I saw A History of Violence finally when I was up in Portland visiting my sister. I liked it. It was, you know, definitely a Viggo movie, but interesting. The violence was so comic book-y that I was laughing a little and I've pretty much solidified my weird sister status with the giggle-snort while people's brains were leaking out of their heads thing. Then again I've always been fairly secure about my geek status so oh well.