Stargate Atlantis - 216 - The Long Goodbye

  • Jan. 4th, 2006 at 5:32 PM
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Here's the new episode of stargate atlantis in case anyone hasn't gotten it yet:
[ Stargate Atlantis - 216 - The Long Goodbye ] -- avi, 350 mb

Also, for [ profile] iscaris (and anyone else who wants them) here are some older clips of the Ewan and Hayden variety. I've posted them all before so you might have them but feel free to grab any of these if you're interested:
[ Ewan and Hayden kiss - Star Wars Premiere London ] -- wmv, 28mb
[ Hayden on Jay Leno - 05/06/2005 - part 1 ] -- avi, 89mb
[ Hayden on Jay Leno - 05/06/2005 - part 2 ] -- avi, 31.5mb
[ Ewan on Jay Leno - 03/05/2005 - Part 1 ] -- avi, 102mb
[ Ewan on Jay Leno - 03/05/2005 - Part 2 ] -- avi, 37mb
[ Ewan on Leno - 10/19/2004 ] -- wmv, 18mb
[ Ewan on Leno - sometime in 2003? ] -- wmv, 21.6mb
eta! Holy Crap! Normally this post would be locked but my AWESOME webhost dreamhost just OCTUPLED my bandwidth. I have a freaking terabyte of bandwidth. This is insane. Dreamhost is the best!

If you want to sign up for a year (23.2GB disk space, 960GB transfer/month) for $22.40, go here.

long way round, bitching about lj

  • Aug. 13th, 2005 at 2:00 AM
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Amidst a busy day of not getting a tattoo and obsessively finishing a website for Food Not Bombs I completely forgot to post the last installment of Ewan McGregor's trip around the world. Mea Culpa! Here it is! Enjoy!
[ Ewan McGregor - Long Way Round - Part 7 ] -- avi, 345.mb
also, seriously, has lj still not fixed the damned tags problem? Because I just spent like, an hour trying to apply the things people in [ profile] s2flexisquares suggested and all I've ended up with is an obnoxious bullet pointed tags list box that I can't seem to get rid of despite the fact that I removed that particular bit of coding. Sometimes I swear I hate livejournal.

Long Way Round part 6

  • Aug. 6th, 2005 at 9:08 AM
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Sorry this is a day late y'all. Yesterday turned out to be way more hectic than I have ever planned. Here's the 6th episode of the Long Way Round Miniseries. Previous episodes are all on the front page of my journal. Please remember to right click and save the file and to not link to the file yourselves anywhere.
[ Ewan McGregor - Long Way Round - Episode 6 ] -- avi, 350mb
eta file length should be fxed, try redeownloading if you only got 250mb before.

Long Way Round part 5

  • Jul. 29th, 2005 at 4:40 PM
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Here's the fifth part in the long way round miniseries, only two more to go! enjoy, right click save, etc, etc.
[ Ewan McGregor - Long Way Round - Part 5 ] -- avi, 350mb

The Long Way Round, recs, etc.

  • Jul. 22nd, 2005 at 1:48 PM
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I'm supposed to go to a party tonight, the theme is "fuck me I'm famous" and therefore, everyone is to dress up as someone famous. I'm stumped. I don't really look like anyone famous, and not enough famous people have one specific style that will always evocate that one person when worn by others. So I was thinking I'd do a quasi-harry potter thing, you know, short grey pleated skirt, white button up, red and gold tie with the lightening bolt on my forehead. Either that or I'll just go for the generic messy hair big sunglasses coked-out movie star thing.

I read a really good Constantine story the other day (and then went out and bought the movie because I've been waiting for it for what feels like a year.) The story is Second Chances by [ profile] truwest. It's Constantine/Balthazar. And [ profile] truwest just really captured their voices. If you're interested in reading it start here and just keep going to the next entry. (the story is in 16 parts, completed.)

I also read a brilliant Harry Potter story this week called Severus and the Crup by [ profile] josanpq. It's Harry/Severus. Post-Hogwarts futurefic. The magic in this is fantastic. I saw it recced on [ profile] crack_van, but I'm really surprised I'd not heard of it until the other day. The war is over, but all of the magic in Britain is gone with it. How do the characters cope living as muggles, can they ever rebuild what's been lost?

Here's the 4th in the Long Way Round miniseries. Please remember to right click and choose save as. Previous episodes can be found here.
[ Ewan McGregor - The Long Way Round - Episode 4 ] -- avi, 350mb

Jul. 15th, 2005

  • 3:09 PM
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So everyone's excited about fandom stuff this weekend and I'm sure at least half of you are avoiding lj for Harry Potter related reasons. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I haven't even preordered the book. I'm probably going to go pick up a copy tonight, but only if I don't end up being horribly busy. I'm supposed to go see Desert City Soundtrack and The Rum Diary tonight (yay, emo?) Also setting up for the artshow I'm putting on tomorrow night.

All of the NSYNC sightings at CFTC are making me horribly jealous. I would love to be there squeeing along side everyone. I'm definitely settling for squeeing in front of my computer instead. I added Chris to my myspace page and he added me back. It's sorta weird, but kinda cool too.

I've been reading a weird amount of Star Wars fanfic lately. Of the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan variety. I like the AU possibilities for the Star Wars universe. But wtf is up with all the slave stories? unwanted/unequal/forced sex? really not my thing. Also I just started a book one of my friend's lent me called Miss Misery it's by a new author named Andy Greenwald. It's an advanced reader copy (my friend works in a bookstore) of a novel about New York City, hipsters, emo, and blogging (specifically lj). My friend liked it and lent it to me last night. I picked it up an hour or two ago and I'm already at 150 pages. I'll probably try to finish it before the new Harry Potter. A reveiwer described it as an "emo fight club" and you know what? It sort of is. The writing is engaging and modern without being overly pretentious and it's got that Chuck Palahniuk sort of endginess to it. I think it's going to be published next January, I should remember to remind y'all about it then, eh?

Here's the third episode of Ewan McGregor's trip around the world.
[ Ewan McGregor - The Long Way Round - Episode 3 ] -- avi, 350mb
Also, do any of you have avi version of episodes 1-3 and 5-8 of this season's Queer As Folk? I've got 4 and 9-13 but I'm missing the rest :(

Lastly: in regard to my last, drunken post, I am still terribly prod of my self for getting this boy's number. I have actually known him, in a vague sense, since we were little. I swam on the same swimm team as him. And then in High School he was two (or three) years older and significantly cooler than I was as a lowly freshmen (as in this guy was like, the guy everyone had a crush on) but he still said hi to me when we saw each other. And he's back from college or something now, and is going to be going to grad school. And yeah, this is way boring so long story short: I definitely wanna make out with him.

Okay, really the last thing (sorry if you're all tired of this meme, but I'm really curious):
[Poll #533322]

Jul. 8th, 2005

  • 10:30 AM
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I'ts been a week since my last post. I've had this icon since I came back from London, I didn't think I'd be using it in these circumstances. I'm still not sure if my family and friends over there are okay. They probably are, but I really need to call/email them. I don't think I really have words that can explain my feelings right now about all this. It's scary and saddening, but everyone's been talking about how well Londoners have been pulling together throughout. I love London a lot. If I could I'd be back there right now. Hopefully someday I'll be able to move back. School ruins everything.

Here's the second in the series of Long Way Round episodes. A few reminders: I''m posting the episodes once a week, you can download a torrent of all seven episodes if you don't feel like waiting, please right-click and save the file, please don't link to them yourselves.
[ Ewan McGregor - Long Way Round - Episode 2 ] -- avi, 350mb
The real life has been busy. I'm about to go get dressed and go order comic books and return my dvds of The O.C. (which is a horribly addicting show, isn't it?) I'm glad to know that all the Londoners on my flist are okay.

Jul. 1st, 2005

  • 5:30 PM
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Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians on the friendslist (and happy July to all you non-canadians!) Also, happy birthday to [ profile] coolwhipdiva!

I'm awfully busy lately. I owe a bunch of you feedback *cough[ profile] hackthis[ profile] ethrosdemoncough* Along with the art show I mentioned the other day, I'm organizing a 4th of July BBQ as well.

Randomly: All you Harry Potter readers: what are your top 5 stories in the fandom? Also, can you rec me anything that's dark or has a kinda fucked up Harry in it? (sorry Kassie, I've got nothing)

Lastly: You guys seemed into the Long Way Round thing and since it's the 1st of the month and badwidth has reset, I'm gonna start the downloads. I'd like to remind y'all that you can still download a torrent of all 7 episodes (but it's big 2.3gigs). I'll be posting these about once a week I think. Please right-click and save the files, you're welcome to share the files but please don't share these links.
[ Ewan McGregor - Long Way Round - Episode 1 ] -- avi, 350mb

batman, ewan, etc

  • Jun. 17th, 2005 at 12:54 AM
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Holy Shit. Batman is SO FUCKING AWESOME. I was sitting at the edge of my seat practically the whole time out of sheer glee. Christian Bale, who is dead creepy both on screen and in real life, is amazing. I don't honestly think they could have cast a better Batman if they auditioned every actor in the business. I really need to go see it again now.

I only have 5gigs of bandwidth left for the month. This makes me nervous, but there's always yoursendit I suppose.

Yet more Star Wars related media: most of you know that Ewan went on a motorcycle trip around the world with his good friend Charlie. They filmed the whole thing and it's been airing on tv. Evidently the dvds are available through and after watching this clip, I'm increasingly tempted to buy them, compatibility be damned. But for now I'll satisfy myself with this clip of Ewan singing U2's Running to Stand Still and with my depressingly slow torrent of the whole thing, all 2 and a half gigs.
[ The Long Way Round - Ewan singing ] -- avi, 8mb
[ And an mp3 of it too ] -- mp3, 2.2mb
*a HUGE thank you to [ profile] zsuness for the files*
I got my hair cut and colored today, and I found this awesome pair of shoes yesterday. Now al I need is a job that doesn't suck and I'll be set.

Okay, who is this guy and why have you all failed to squee over him before now? Very upsetting, friendslist, very upsetting indeed.

Lastly, do I have to switch over to S2 before I can use tags? And if so, will someone walk me through the process of creating a SIMPLE S2 style similar to the S1 style I'm using now? Because I like tags. I've always wished lj had them.

Holy Crap Batman was kickass!

Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen media

  • Jun. 8th, 2005 at 10:40 AM
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I've uploaded a bunch of Star Wars related media, please remember to right click and save the links, do not hotlink, and please comment if you download.

I got this one from [ profile] zsuness, it's pretty large so the quality is good. The interview is great, Hayden talkes about Ewan and how he got him involved in dirtbiking, and how they loved playing with their lightsabers together.
[ Hayden on Jay Leno - 05/06/2005 - part 1 ] -- avi, 89mb
[ Hayden on Jay Leno - 05/06/2005 - part 2 ] -- avi, 31.5mb
And, from the good folks at here's a smaller version (in the dreaded wmv file format) of the same appearance, just in case anyone doesn't want to download the big files:
[ Hayden on Jay Leno - 05/06/2005 ] -- wmv, 37mb this is the same file as above, just smaller, please don't download both
And now for some Ewan. This clip also comes from [ profile] zsuness and if you've read [ profile] hackthis' Five Degrees you've already heard about Nicole Richie reading Ewan's palm, but there's so much more! Ewan and Jay genuinely like each other, the whole interview is fucking hilarious. They talk about Ewan's erections, filming The Island, and oh man, in the greatest segment ever Ewan and Jay play with their toys from Robots and they get into a water fight!
[ Ewan on Jay Leno - 03/05/2005 - Part 1 ] -- avi, 102mb
[ Ewan on Jay Leno - 03/05/2005 - Part 2 ] -- avi, 37mb
Here are some older interviews of Ewan on Leno from They're in wmv format and the quality isn't great, but the interviews are more than worth it. In the first Ewan tells his daughter's favorite joke, and discusses playing with himself, and biking around the world. In the second clip Ewan's promoting Big Fish and he talks about living with Jude Law and Johnny Lee Miller.
[ Ewan on Leno - 10/19/2004 ] -- wmv, 18mb
[ Ewan on Leno - sometime in 2003? ] -- wmv, 21.6mb
In non fandom news, I got my grades back for this semester. 3 A minuses and one B plus. Not as good as I was hoping for but oh well. I'll just have to work really hard next semester. Also, it's raining. In June! Wtf. Also? I am so high on vicodin right now. The one I took last night didn't really seem to work but today I'm all fuzzy from the exact same amount of drug. It's kind of annoying.

eta 6-15-05 links removed to save bandwidth. I still have the files on my hd, so if you still ned them email me and we'll work something out.