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Oh fuck. So The Boondocks Saints has eaten my brain. I just. I just really want to lick them. Or something. Seriously, if you haven't seen this move go! go rent it! rightthisverymoment!

And now: an Argument Through Pictures about why you should see this movie:

Meet the MacManus Brothers, two Irish twins who live in South Boston. (SPOILERS) )

Conclusion? This movie fucking rocks. It's funny as hell, and totally badass, and these guys are amazing. I saw it a long time ago and noticed the slash potential but it wasn't until a few days ago that I got the urge to see it again mostly thanks to [ profile] ladyjackyl who just saw i for the first time last week. And now I'm slightly dismayed to announce that my brain has, in fact been eaten by those two men up there. Also, you know by the FIC. Because fandoms have this horrible ability to completely take over my head and I missed my class yesterday morning because I had stayed up til 5am READING FANFICTION. But at least I got some good fic out of it right?

Recs (all of the twincest Connor/Murphy variety):

The Already Crazy series by [ profile] stewardess_lotr. Mmmmmmm this is probably my favorite of the stories I'll be talking about today because it's just, brilliantly written and so fucking awesome, and LONG. I love long stories and this one is just perfect. It's a series of nine, increasingly long stories that follow Connor and Murphy from the ages of 10 to 18. Stewardess did her research for this, she put in obvious amounts of time into writing a thoroughly believable backstory for the twins. And her voices for them are practically flawless. There's angst and happiness and she writes about their relationship, how it's evolved and is evolving, which is one of my favorite aspects of fic in this fandom. The twins have this incredible, intense relationship. They're this indestructable, unbreakable, insulated unit. They are, in every sense of the word, a pair. And that intensity, that starkly obvious lovedesperationneed for each other is an awesome jumping off point for writers because it's interesting.

[ profile] perseph2hades is a good Connor/Murphy writer. Her stories are all here, there's not very many of them, and none are all that long so I'm not going to go into detail about any of them except to say that [ profile] perseph2hades has a good hold on their voices and their relationship.

[ profile] lassiterfics is another talented writer, her stories are all in her memories here. Again, I really wish that she wrote longer stories, but what she has written is uniformly of the good. Also, One Long Dying Twilight has the boys and duct tape and god that's a good combination, isn't it?

[ profile] lux__aeterna's stories are here and I'm just a big repeating machine because again with the short but really well written.

Touch by [ profile] veronamay is a good one. I'm, hmm well I guess it took me a while to be convinced that the characterization is on target, but she did, convince me that is. I have a hard time reading stories where Conner and Murphy have a problem that they can't/won't talk to eachother about because DUDE. These guys are fucking attached at the hip possessive/protective, codependent, whatever and I have a pretty hard time getting around the idea that anything could get in the way of that. That said, this story does a good job of a) convincing me and b) telling a pretty awesome story. It's set slightly before and during the movie timeline and goes through some of the events from Conner's perspective. And it's just plain cool.

[ profile] goodtwin is another good writer, stories here, and there are a LOT of them (all pretty short) but yeah, the quality is good.

[ profile] calvin_would has written at least a couple Boondocks stories, but doesn't have them linked anywhere easy to find. My best suggestion would be scrolling through the archives of [ profile] bds_fic. Choir Loft is a pretty cool glimpse at the twins in their younger days.

Um, I have more recs but lj keeps giving me some fucked up error when I try to get at my memories and I'm also really tired. So conclusions. Go see this movie. Go read this fic. And then come back here and tell me everything you think because I'm desperate to talk about it.