The Long Way Round, recs, etc.

  • Jul. 22nd, 2005 at 1:48 PM
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I'm supposed to go to a party tonight, the theme is "fuck me I'm famous" and therefore, everyone is to dress up as someone famous. I'm stumped. I don't really look like anyone famous, and not enough famous people have one specific style that will always evocate that one person when worn by others. So I was thinking I'd do a quasi-harry potter thing, you know, short grey pleated skirt, white button up, red and gold tie with the lightening bolt on my forehead. Either that or I'll just go for the generic messy hair big sunglasses coked-out movie star thing.

I read a really good Constantine story the other day (and then went out and bought the movie because I've been waiting for it for what feels like a year.) The story is Second Chances by [ profile] truwest. It's Constantine/Balthazar. And [ profile] truwest just really captured their voices. If you're interested in reading it start here and just keep going to the next entry. (the story is in 16 parts, completed.)

I also read a brilliant Harry Potter story this week called Severus and the Crup by [ profile] josanpq. It's Harry/Severus. Post-Hogwarts futurefic. The magic in this is fantastic. I saw it recced on [ profile] crack_van, but I'm really surprised I'd not heard of it until the other day. The war is over, but all of the magic in Britain is gone with it. How do the characters cope living as muggles, can they ever rebuild what's been lost?

Here's the 4th in the Long Way Round miniseries. Please remember to right click and choose save as. Previous episodes can be found here.
[ Ewan McGregor - The Long Way Round - Episode 4 ] -- avi, 350mb