Boondocks Sountrack and House Recs

  • Feb. 14th, 2005 at 5:13 PM
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Still can't access my memories, livejournal sucks ass. I also find it extremely annoying that Xjournal thinks "livejournal" is a spelling error (hey it thinks xjournal is bad too!). The lack of memories is far more disturbing though. I want my fic links back damnit!

Thanks to the ever-fabulous [ profile] ashlle1 I've spent the weekend watching House M.D. aka the fucking coolest show on tv. I've loved Hugh Laurie ever since Jeeves and Wooster so seeing him on tv again is the awesomest thing ever. I used to stay up late just sos that I could watch J&W back when it was on PBS. I remember that it was a huge deal because it ended like, two hours after my bedtime and it was on a school-night. Thank god for parents who appreciate fine tv, eh? I'm determined to get them to like House as well. Currently I have the first 10 episodes on my computer so I'm going to attempt to hook my comp up to my parents tv so they can watch.

I've decided to start a gang of Copy Edit Bandits it which there will be much correcting of spelling errors and punctuation mistakes. We're starting with all those horrible "PUNKS NOT DEAD" patches I saw last night at a show. It needs the apostrophe. I was thisclose to jumping a kid with my sharpie.

Along with the Boondocks obsession I've been trying to recreate the soundtrack. Evidently they never actually released one but I managed to download most of the songs. I don't know if any of you are interested but it's really a great soundtrack. I especially love the more traditional Irish songs, The Blood of Cuchulainn is gorgeous. I zipped up the mp3s if anyone wants them.
[ Boondock Saints Soundtrack ] -- zip, 56.57mb
If I ever get my memories back I'll rec more Boondocks fic, in the meantime here's some House recs:

The Day After Yesterday, Goodnight, and Game, Set all by [ profile] basingstoke.

Pathogenesis and Intervention and Maryland by [ profile] astolat.

Coffee and Happy Diversions by Aurelia Priscus.

Untitled Series by Druin in order: Something Orange, Neck-and-Collar, Paperweight, and Smitten, You Know Me.

Forged in Fire, Gossip, and Through the Windows of a Dark House by Gena Fisher.

Name That Tune by [ profile] miriam_heddy.

Four Blocks South of Eden and Blow the Candles Out by Syal.