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The [ profile] paintedspires Halloween art challenge totally inspired me to bust out the photoshop and put my l33t skillz to the test. Check it out:

Title: John Sheppard: T-888
Rating: PG
Medium: Digital, Photoshop
Spoilers: None
Notes: I really have no idea where this came from but this challenge inspired me. Terminator: the Atlantis Chronicles


stargate atlantis is really really evil

  • Oct. 19th, 2005 at 6:03 PM
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An reenactment of the past 4 days: my brain goes: no new fandoms! and then [ profile] astolat writes: hot men sleeping in tents together and cuddling and then my brain goes: . . . no new fandoms!!! but maybe you can just read the fic right? 4 days later and I've downloaded all of season 1 and all but 2 episodes of the first half of season 2, read like, an entire bookshelf's worth of fic and added 3 SGA icons to the bunch. In summation: I am fucked. So very, very fucked. Also? Joe Flanigan is possibly the sexiest man on the planet as far as I'm concerned. Seriously, the guy is the absolute epitome of everything I find attractive in a man. Right down to his baffled expressions, his fluffy hair, and his hips. Especially his hips. It doesn't help that his last name is my middle name and I have like, an uncontrollable affinity for anyone even remotely Irish.

When does the second part of the season start again?

Secondly, I ran out of bandwidth last month because some fucks took the links to the episodes of prison break I had hosted and posted them on a message board. That sucked. I post this stuff for you guys on lj who read my journal and I hate to think that I might have to friendslock because that's a big pain and I like my friending policy right now. If I do go friendlocked I'll probably move to reading and real life filters of some sort but that would annoy me because I like transparency and I read everyone I have friended right now and I don't like the idea of automatically friending people back without them knowing whether I'm just doing it to be nice or whether I'm reading their journal. Argh. All in all: obnoxious.

I'm not going to let this deter me from sharing the latest episodes of Eyes though, because I doubt a lot of people will be downloading it. Nvertheless, I guess I should say for the record that it's not okay to share the links with other people.
[ Eyes - 1x08 - Art ] -- avi, 350mb
[ Eyes - 1x09 - Poison ] -- avi, 350mb
And for the please please please let this be true category of today's post: Jude Law to join Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman for second motorbike adventure. Oh fuck would that be awesome.