Fandom Summer

  • May. 4th, 2009 at 5:49 PM
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I signed up as an artist for this year's [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. I am so full of ideas just from the prompt, I can't wait to start working on the art.

Unrelated: I just got word that my friend was able to get pro-registration at comic con for me so it looks like I'll be down there. Anyone else planning on being down there? I'd love to meet up!

Merlin = <3

  • Dec. 11th, 2008 at 6:49 PM
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Like seemingly everyone else in the known fandom universe, I too have fallen quite heavily for Merlin.

Their intertwined destiny! The absolutely epic slashiness of it all! Oh show!

Other things that are making me happy right now:

• T.I.'s new album Paper Trails , especially these three songs:

[ T.I feat Rihanna - Live Your Life ] -- mp3
[ T.I. - Whatever You Like ] -- mp3
[ T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone ] -- mp3

• Kanye West's new album 808s and Heartbreak:

[ Kanye - Heartless ] -- mp3

• Lil Wayne: uh, pretty much everything he touches, to my unending embarassment. Most recently:

[ Lil Wayne - Mrs. Officer ] -- mp3

• This entire season of Supernatural. Dear god. As soon as In the Beginning aired I just. It's all coming together this season, isn't it? And I'm loving every minute of it. I've even managed to recruit 3 new fans to both SPN and Battlestar Galactica. I've been telling my stupid friends about both of those shows for 3.5+ years and they've finally come over to the fan side. Vindication!


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I saw Serenity on opening night. It was my third time since I was lucky enough to see it in previews twice. I posted about it when I first saw it because there was no way not to, but I figure maybe I should link to it now since so many of you have been able to see it and might have avoided reading about it when I first posted. SPOILERS, dude.

I can't remember who posted this, but someone on my flist put up the Sci Fi Channel's Making of Serenity special. I have it up for download if anyone's interested (please right click and save-as, feel free to link to this post not the file)
[ Making of Serenity - Sci Fi Channel ] -- avi, 202mb
I keep forgetting to post about this but I met Neil Gaiman on the 28th of September. He was doing a book signing at a place called Books Passage and he was so lovely and gracious. He signed everyone's books, no matter how many they had for him and I was near the end of the line but he didn't seem unhappy or tired or anything. I on the other hand was completely flustered. I'm not sure how I got through saying hello to the man, let alone talking about how much I adore him. One of my friends works at the store and had hooked me up with an advanced readers copy which I had Neil sign. I swear to god I want to wrap the think in plastic and put it in a safety deposit box now. It's actually a numbered galley (324 of 450) AND signed. Very rare indeed. Some authors won't sign galleys at all because of the ebay potential, but I asked for it to be personalised and he didn't seem to mind. Can I just say that I love him? Because I do. A lot.

Michael Chabon was at the signing leading the discussion, he got out pretty quick when it broke up for the book signing or else I probably would have had the chance to embarrass myself in front of not one but two of my favorite authors that night. If Kurt Vonnegut and Johnathan Lethem had been there I probably would have suffered some sort of brain explosion. Can I please marry a brilliant author now?

Lastly, a plea for help from an email from my sister:
Do you know a good fan site for Lost where there are intelligent people?
I've pretty much avoided the Lost websites myself, but I'm hoping you all are more knowledgeable. Anyone have any recommendations?

life squee, tv shows

  • Sep. 23rd, 2005 at 11:57 AM
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I saw Bloc Party last night at The Warfield the show was awesome. They played really well and their little accents! were so cute! I really miss England. A lot. Can I go back now?

So the show rocked. But I'm incredibly sore from, get this: bowling. I went bowling wednesday night and I'm really honestly sore from it. The upside: I very nearly broke 100 on my last game. I am so going to get better at this bowling thing.

Other things that are of the good: Neil Gaiman is coming to a bookstore my friend works at next week! I am going to meet Neil Gaiman! And make him sign my copy of Marvel 1602! I am so geekily excited!

Tv shows I have been meaning to post and forgetting (please right click and save as, and don't share the links):
[ Prison Break - 1x04 ] -- avi, 350mb
[ Prison Break - 1x05 ] -- avi, 350mb
And, to my gleeful surprise, it looks like the unaired episodes of Eyes might be making it to torrents slowly, I found the 6th episode just the other day so here's that as well:
[ Eyes - 1x06] -- avi, 351mb

much randomness

  • Aug. 1st, 2005 at 4:22 PM
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Things I am excited about:

  • I have tickets for Modest Mouse/The Killers/The Arcade Fire in October! What a kickass lineup! I wish the venue was smaller (they're playing the shoreline) but it'll totally be worth it.

  • I'm working at the infoshop today and a guy came in and donated an iBook! So awesome.

  • I signed up for my classes last week. What I'm taking:
    Urban Politics and Community Power - MW 10:10-11:50
    Ethnicity and Nationalism - MW 12:20-2:00
    Political Theory of Sexuality - TTh 12:20-2:00
    Judicial Power and Public Policy - TTh 2:10-3:50
    I've taken classes from both of my Tuesday/Thursday professors before, so that should be a really good day.

  • Which leads me to a question, those of you who have applied to grad schools: would it be better for me to get a letter of recommendation from a professor who knows me pretty well but whose class I only got a B+ in, or should I go with a teacher who knows me less well but whose class I got an A in instead?

  • I'm taking 16 units this semester and when I'm done I'll only need 3.5 more units to graduate. In fact, I'm done with my Political Science major requirements this semester. I'm going to join the like, 7 percent of all UC and CSU students to graduate in 4 years! Go me!

    Things I am significantly more ambivalent about:

  • I have to apply for law schools this fall. More eek! Letters of recommendation! stress! school choices! money!

  • I'm signed up to take the LSAT on October 1st. I need to study! Eeek!

  • I burned my tongue on some french fries last night but didn't feel it due to the beer I'd been drinking only to wake up this morning with a burnt tongue and no idea why. Ugh.

    Things which do not fit into those categories:

  • I've been watching a lot of Cash in the Attic lately and I've been struck with an overwhelming desire for Cash in the Attic slash. Alistair Appleton is totally adorable with his Big Scarves and his Bad Puns and his fey glances at Paul and Jonty. Alistair/Jonty all the way!

    batman, ewan, etc

    • Jun. 17th, 2005 at 12:54 AM
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    Holy Shit. Batman is SO FUCKING AWESOME. I was sitting at the edge of my seat practically the whole time out of sheer glee. Christian Bale, who is dead creepy both on screen and in real life, is amazing. I don't honestly think they could have cast a better Batman if they auditioned every actor in the business. I really need to go see it again now.

    I only have 5gigs of bandwidth left for the month. This makes me nervous, but there's always yoursendit I suppose.

    Yet more Star Wars related media: most of you know that Ewan went on a motorcycle trip around the world with his good friend Charlie. They filmed the whole thing and it's been airing on tv. Evidently the dvds are available through and after watching this clip, I'm increasingly tempted to buy them, compatibility be damned. But for now I'll satisfy myself with this clip of Ewan singing U2's Running to Stand Still and with my depressingly slow torrent of the whole thing, all 2 and a half gigs.
    [ The Long Way Round - Ewan singing ] -- avi, 8mb
    [ And an mp3 of it too ] -- mp3, 2.2mb
    *a HUGE thank you to [ profile] zsuness for the files*
    I got my hair cut and colored today, and I found this awesome pair of shoes yesterday. Now al I need is a job that doesn't suck and I'll be set.

    Okay, who is this guy and why have you all failed to squee over him before now? Very upsetting, friendslist, very upsetting indeed.

    Lastly, do I have to switch over to S2 before I can use tags? And if so, will someone walk me through the process of creating a SIMPLE S2 style similar to the S1 style I'm using now? Because I like tags. I've always wished lj had them.

    Holy Crap Batman was kickass!


    • Jun. 12th, 2005 at 10:21 AM
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    I just keep staring at this: )

    Hayden's face! And Ewan's hunched shoulders, about to giggle motion! Yeah. I'll just be over here geeking out for a bit.


    • May. 24th, 2005 at 3:17 PM
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    See, it all started yesterday with this really hot movie of two emo boys making out that [ profile] megolas and [ profile] bexless linked to. See: their posts. [ yousendit link to the movie ]

    And then [ profile] megolas issued a challenge. And then there was fic. Fic in fandoms that I don't even read! So: some OC recs.

    Unlucky at Pinochle by [ profile] wearemany. The OC: Seth/Ryan.

    untitled by [ profile] ethrosdemon. The OC: Seth/Ryan.

    holy shit

    • May. 6th, 2005 at 1:42 AM
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    I have a morning interview with the EFF tomorrow so I have to keep this quick but OMG I SHOOK ALAN TUDYK'S HAND

    /teenaged girl squee. Somewhat older squee to commence:


    My friends and I were at the end of the line. This of course, meant seats in the front row. Being the ever-resourceful girl that I am, I decided to stash my coat in the front and camp out at the reserved handicapped seating in case no one came to claim them. Luck was on my side when, about 10 minutes into my wait, the people one row up consolidated seats leaving 3 open. So I called my friends over and we sat down. Universal has a camera there taping the screening and about the time the movie was supposed to start I saw that the camera guy was training the camera on the entrance. So I said to my friend, I bet someone's going to come out to introduce the movie. Sure enough, about 5 minutes after that Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk came out. The crown went nuts, we gave the a standing ovation. Alan said that this would be the first time he'd seen the movie. And then they moved into their seats which were, literally right in front of my friends and I. WHAT LUCK! I AM AWESOME!

    and now onto the movie itself. spoilers ahoy (I have changed the font color to white on the only serious spolier so it's only mild spoilers if you click) )

    On their way out, everyone was clapping and I shook Alan's hand on his way out the door. He's even better looking in person than he is on the show. This night was awesome. I'm forever amazed at how great Joss and his crew are to the fans.


    *hyperventilates a bit*

    • Apr. 27th, 2005 at 12:34 AM
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    Oh man Joss just announced Serenity screenings in 10 cities. On May 5th. Guess who has tickets?!


    (life is very nearly complete when you get to use that phrase more than once in a night)


    ps. Veronica Mars is taking forever to download. send help.

    pps. It may seem like I am gloating in this entry but I prefer to think of it as putting the word out. There are tickets! Get them while they're still buy-able!