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= So the season finale of SGA... )

= Bush's State of the Union address didn't fail to piss me off again this year. The man clearly doesn't live in the same world as the rest of the country what with the healthcare's doing great! the economy's doing great! american workers can't be stopped! let's promote science and math education without making education any more affordable! abstinence only education is working great! bullshit. Also? The smirking really, really annoys me. The upside to all of this was that Stephen Colbert and John Stewart got to mock the shit out of Bush in funny and inventive ways. John Stewart is my hero. He really, really is.

= Also? Stargate (the movie) was an answer on Jeopardy tonight and I swear to god I'm getting better are that game every time I watch. It's really quite gratifying.

= My class on Reality and the New Physics seems like it's going to be a pretty awesome class. We're reading a bunch of interesting sounding books and my Professor for it is an ex-research physicist out of Stanford's Linear Accelerator Center. The vote is still out on my Mexican-US Politics class. I'm afraid I don't know much of anything about Mexican history and I don't speak a word of Spanish so I'm worried I'll be out of my depth for that class. I'm still on track to graduate in May though so that's pretty damned exciting *g*

well shit

  • Nov. 22nd, 2005 at 12:09 AM
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lj tells me that it's been two weeks since my last update. I've had somewhat inconsistent computer access these last couple weeks, coupled with not having much at all to say. I've been keeping up with my friendslist as much as possible though, so there is that.

I saw the new Harry Potter on Saturday. I don't think it'd be much of a spoiler to say that I loved it. I thought the guy who played Crouch Jr. was weirdly hot. As was Cedric's innuendo to Potter about taking baths.

I have an enormous amount of awe for whoever wrote the wikipedia articles on the Stargate universe. It's--well it's completely astounding the amount of detail that's gone into the creation of those pages. The scope of the articles is pretty impressive: there's the Stargate Portal, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, List of Stargate Planets, Alien Races in the Stargate Universe (with subpages for the asgard, nox, goa'uld, jaffa, tok'ra, ancients, wraith) and individual articles on the main casts of both shows. I love that people took the time to do this. Wikipedia is the best thing to happen to the internet since, well, since nothing in my opinion it is the coolest thing about the internet.

And speaking of Stargate Atlantis: my download of the new episode is 98% done! The torrent is here at mininova in case you need it. I'll be uploading the episode as soon as my download finishes. Yay for Canada getting the new episodes a month early!